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NCHHCI: Caring Hearts with a High Tech Approach

New Century Home Health Care Incorporated (NCHHCI) is an organization comprised of a group of highly skilled and qualified professionals with over 25 years of experience committed to providing the highest quality to help patients achieve their full potential. The organization is an award winning agency having been named a HomeCare Elite Top Agency in the nation in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 and most recently as one of the 500 Top Homecare Agencies of 2012. Their team of nurses, certified homecare aides, therapists and social workers closely work and coordinate with their patients’ physicians to address each of their patient’s individual needs.


Achieving this type of prestige for a small business is not easy feat. New Century Home Health Care, however, is able to achieve its organizational goals by using the latest cloud-based unified communications technology provided by Convergence Technology Solutions. With advanced communication protocols using VoIP technology, New Century Home Health Care is able to rely on a set of best-in-class tools to keep the communications lines open without breaking the bank.


As President and CEO Nancy Pascual puts it:



“We’ve streamlined patient coordination using the most advanced technologies which used to be out of reach for small businesses like ourselves. Thanks to Convergence Technology Solutions, we are able to compete on a level playing field in a fiscally responsible manner.”


Nancy Pascual at New Century Home Health Care

To Live and Die in L.A. [Mart]

LA Mart contains the West Coast’s most comprehensive collection of fine regional and national showrooms available to the trade and consumer buying communities 5 days a week. Encompassing 724,000 square feet of gift, home, furniture, and lifestyle lines, the LA Mart Gift + Home + Design Center features thousands of premium product lines, from custom manufactured to nationally branded merchandise, represented in our permanent showrooms.


Delivering an unsurpassed buying experience, LA Mart is the anchor of the Furniture & Decorative Arts District in downtown Los Angeles, a center of city–wide renaissance and revitalization. In proximity to the residential redevelopment of the city’s central core, our prime downtown location, accessible by four major Southland freeways, is at the forefront of the hottest new area of concentrated residential real estate, ensuring optimum access to this emerging urban live/work community and its style-conscious denizens.


Property management for this type of operation is not for the faint of heart. It is critical that despite the magnitude of the work required to “keep the trains running,” tenant satisfaction is not compromised. The difference between “living” and “dying” when you try to balance operational efficiency and fiscal responsibility is a tricky situations with very high stakes. The only way to succeed in this “life and death” balancing act is to have a unified communications solution that is reliable and scalable.


This is where Convergence Technology Solutions comes into the picture. With its cloud-based and locally-hosted, high availability, and fault-tolerant VoIP solution, inter-office and tenant communication is streamlined, efficient, and effective. Imagine a set up with hundreds of offices scattered across 724,000 square feet. Now imagine the challenge of having to coordinate communications between those offices on a daily basis: resolving leasing issues, answering questions, and meeting customer needs. A little daunting, isn’t it? That is, unless you use Convergence Technology Solutions. We exist to help you run your business and allow you to meet your service level agreements with your customers.


LA Mart

CCHC: Serving the Underserved with a Well-Deserved Solution

Comprehensive Community Health Centers, Inc. (CCHC) is a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation. CCHC is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). CCHC operates four primary care clinics providing medical, dental and some mental services to underserved people in metropolitan Los Angeles. CCHC clinics are located in Glendale, Eagle Rock, Highland Park and North Hollywood.


CCHC is among the top ten providers of community health center visits in Los Angeles County having grown in service from 45,000 visits in 2004 to over 110,000 visits in calendar 2009. CCHC serves the low-income, under-served, primarily immigrant, Latino, Armenian, and Asian communities of its clinics’ locations, as well as communities across the San Fernando Valley, East Hollywood and East LA. CCHC health care providers speak the languages of the community.

With a mission to ensure the health and wellness of each individual so every person may reach their fullest human potential within a caring environment, managing the day to day operations for CCHC is not an easy task.


IT Manager Abe Poladyan gives us an insight into what it is like managing the infrastructure to support the organization.



“Managing two separate infrastructure (one for data and another for voice) poses a huge burden to my staff. Most of our time was spent answering telecom-related Helpdesk tickets with no time to be proactive about our IT infrastructure. That all changed, however, with the converged VoIP solution Convergence Technology Solutions provided. We now have a much more streamlined process. The challenges we used to deal with everyday have been addressed giving my IT staff more time to be strategic and proactive.”


Clarissa Caraig, Comptroller for CCHC agrees:



“The fiscal savings and efficiency brought about by a VoIP implementation covering all of our CCHC sites was not just worth the minimal investment. It was a life saver.”


CCHC currently serves the following communities:


  • Glendale, Northeast Los Angeles and the east San Fernando Valley (SPA 2 & 4)
  • Population (2000 census) is 1,217,000 with 254,000 (21%) below the Federal Poverty Level and 284,000 (23%) receiving public insurance
  • 55% report Hispanic/Latino ethnicity, 31% White (includes Armenian at 20% of total population), 10.5% Asian, and 3.3% Black/African American
  • There are 37 Medically Underserved Areas (MUA’s) in the service area.

CCHC Glendale Clinic and Corporate Office

CCHC Highland Park Clinic

CCHC North Hollywood Clinic

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