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Scope of Services –


I.                   The “provider” shall design and implement a program that will integrate the proposed new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system at the facility or facilities of the “client”.


II.                Services includes the provision of Voice Over IP local and domestic outgoing and incoming calls, auto-dialing program services including but not limited to:


a.      Provision of telephone system and phone units that are capable of:


- Auto Attendant                           - Advanced Call Forwarding

- Call on hold, transfer                 - Call Waiting (Choose of On-hold Music)

- Voicemail to Email                     - 3 way conference call

- Call Park                                                - E911 Call

- Do Not Disturb Call                    - Anonymous Call Rejection

- Fax To Email                               - Group Ring

- Individual or group paging       - Customizable Voicemail Message

- Remote Office (Allows phone to work outside of the location wherever there is a physical connection to an internet line).


III.             Provision of call center with _________________ ( _____ ) seats.


IV.              “Provider” shall procure all the necessary hardware components and services that have been listed in its project proposal and “client” shall provide adequate space and environment required to implement the proposed project as follows:


a.      Adequate space and environment, including but not limited to 60°-80° Fahrenheit (15°-26° Celsius) temperature.

b.      “Client” will provide electrical power necessary to operate the hardware components of the project at the client facility.

c.       “Client” agrees that in some instances, “provider” may install cables or add more cables to connect the telephone units to “client’s” telephone rooms.

d.      “Client” will grant “provider” reasonable access to the facility during or after office hours more particularly during implementation and testing process and during repair or maintenance work.

e.       “Client” will provide “provider” a stable network suitable for VoIP implementation and access to local area network and wide area network (WAN) infrastructure.

f.        Use of Services. “Client” will not use the Services for any illegal, unlawful, abusive or fraudulent purpose and will use the services in such manner as to prevent damage to client’s network. Client’s proper use of the Services includes conforming to all Acceptable User’s Policies (“AUP”) that are available on request and are displayed at consultant’s web site at The AUP may be amended from time to time as deemed necessary for security updates, periodic maintenance and other matters that will keep the system in good operational condition.

g.      Third-Party Obligations. “Client” is responsible to pay any third-party vendor charges and to arrange for disconnection and payment of charges related to the disconnection of any related services with client’s current carrier(s).


V.                 Network Physical Security. “Client” acknowledges that it is the “clients” responsibility to take whatever actions deem necessary to make the computer and voice network and circuits adequately secure from unauthorized access. “Clients” further acknowledge that “provider” only provides VoIP services and certain equipment and that “provider” is not responsible for the security of the client’s network and circuits from third parties, or for any damages that may result from any unauthorized access to “client’s” network.


VI.              The “provider” binds itself to fully implement the project and have it commercially operational on the dates agreed upon by both parties as provided in “Schedule A”.


VII.           The “provider” agrees to provide training and assistance to “client’s” staff in the proper use and functionality of the new telephone system and “client” agrees to designate staff that will coordinate with “provider” in the training process on the new system for the end-users.


VIII.        Except for the software and hardware that the “provider” agrees to provide, the “provider” shall, at the best of its ability, assist and coordinate, in behalf of the “client”, with the third party suppliers as to defects, malfunctioning and/or wrong deliveries of

hardware components and other services related to the project that were procured by “client” but will take no legal responsibility or representations or warranties for third party vendors’ failure to resolve or amend third party contracts and agreements instituted by “client”.


IX.               “Client” agrees to make the facility and hardware components available for maintenance in a timely manner and insures that the facility is fully maintained to avoid damages thru willful acts or by fire, electrical power surges, or any other cause.


X.                 That after the completion and implementation of the proposed project and under the terms and conditions set forth under this agreement, the “provider” agrees to maintain the software and hardware components of the project in fully operational condition to include the following:


a.      To provide comprehensive technical support coverage during the hours of operation from 9:00AM PST to 5:00 PM PST on Mondays to Fridays; from 10:00 AM PST to 4:00 PM PST on Saturdays. Should an on-site engineer is required, “provider” will send a technician within 4 hours after the tier 1 support determine the need for on-site presence. After office hour technical support will be available within four (4) hours response after a call has been made with the technical support team of the “provider” or a job ticket has been placed thru the ticketing system of the “provider” in the or website.

b.      Troubleshoot for system and hardware components malfunctioning.

c.       Periodic software and hardware components update and upgrade



XI.              “Client” agrees not to reverse, re-engineer, modify or uninstall, update or upgrade the VoIP Telephone System’s software or hardware installed in the “client’s” VoIP server without the express permission from “provider”.


Service Distinctions –


As mentioned earlier in this agreement, VoIP is not a telecommunications service and as such is subject to different regulatory policies and controls than telecommunications service. The service does not support operator assisted calling (0+), including collect calls, third party billing calls or 900 calling card calls and in some instances does not guarantee the reliability of home and office security system.


Devices –


I.                   “Provider retains ownership of all communication devices including telephone units, IP PBX server and other communication devices deployed by “provider” in the “client’s” location. In the event of early termination of services, “client” is required to return all communication devices to the “provider” unless otherwise “client” is willing to retain all the devices at an agreed price with the “provider.”


II.                All communication devices are designed to work under normal conditions and are covered by ONE (1) year warranty from manufacturer’s defect. Within the warranty period, all defective   items must be returned to “provider” in its original packaging

within One (1) week from the date it was reported to the “provider”. In the event that

defective item is not returned within the prescribed period, the replacement cost of the item will be charged to the “client”.


III.             Communication devices that are not functioning as designed due to physical damage or misuse     by “client” will only be replaced if the “client” agrees to pay the replacement and shipping cost of the item or items as replacement.


IV.               At the end of the term of the contract, all communication devices deployed at the client’s location can be purchased by the client at a price pre-agreed upon by both parties or at the current market value for all the devices deployed in “clients” premises that were covered by this agreement.


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