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Convergence Technology Solutions Corporation is a company built upon a vision of providing businesses with the most dependable, reliable, and simplified communication technology via the most economical route of connecting businesses worldwide. Our motto is “Providing More for Less” and our goal is to provide a more effective communications tool at less cost to you.



Glenn Requierme, President and Founder

Our Story


Wherever there is high speed internet, you are able to take advantage of our communications technology–with no boundaries, no limits, anywhere, anytime, with no added charges regardless of your location. No matter how spread out your offices or branches may be, you are able to access Convergence Technology communications tools without having to deal with different telephone service providers or purchasing different types of equipment for each location. A single unified phone system with only one number to call and maintain will simplify and improve the way you do business. All calls will be directed to anyone in your organization with the push of a button and the assistance of a virtual secretary. This system ensures that incoming calls are defined for proper routing and even filters out those calls that are anonymous or unnecessary.

With our phone system, you will no longer have to worry about missed or mis-directed calls because all calls can be forwarded to any mobile phone or to your associates’ extension number. With such seamless phone service, callers will always be able to reach you whether you are at your desk or on vacation. Even voicemail messages can be retrieved via email so you can listen to them exactly as they were delivered. Our system will allow you to handle telephone and video conferencing and meetings anytime, anywhere without extra cost.

Our technology offers all the functionality of a big business telephone system while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing productivity.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.